Samundar Katha Lake Nathiagali: tourist place near Galiyat: Perfect Adventure Park

Samundar Katha

A new tourist destination in the Galiyat region recently launched by the KP government to promote tourism in the region. This lake is created artificially by the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa government. Newly built tourist spot, It is located in Barra Gali, Nathiagali offers the following activities. Samundar Katha lake is 95 KM away from Islamabad. 

How to reach Samundar Katha

The lake falls in the jurisdiction of Abbottabad city. It is a 25 minutes drive (10km) from Nathia Gali (Galiyat) main Bazar. For reaching the lake, you need to leave the main Nathia Gali road, after 6 km of the drive (11 minutes) while going towards Abbottabad, turn left towards Samundar Khatta road. It’s a narrow zigzag path of around 4.5 km that goes down to the lake.

While going down, there are some steep turns in some places but nothing dangerous. It’s not an abandoned area, but houses of Samundar Katha village can be seen on both sides of the road that goes through mountains. All kinds of small to mid-range vehicles can comfortably reach there.

Samundar Katha

Distance from various destinations

  • One hour 48 min drive from Murree, just 49 km away
  • One hour 15 minutes drive from Abbottabad, just 34 km away
  • It’s almost 499km away from Lahore.

1: Boating

You can enjoy boating at Samundar Katha.


2: Zip Line

You can enjoy zip Line at Samundar Katha lake


3: Camping

You can also camp at Samundar Katha lake.


4: Fishing

Fishing is also allowed at Samundar Katha lake.


5: Canoeing

Samundar Katha

6: Archery

You can also enjoy Archery at Samundar Katha Adventure Park.

Samundar Katha

7: Mountain Cycling

Samundar Katha