Murree Snow Fall



Murree is a colonial-era town located on the Pir Panjal Range within the Murree Tehsil, Rawalpindi District in Punjab, Pakistan. It forms outskirt of Islamabad Rawalpindi metropolitan area and is about 30 km northeast of Islamabad. It has an average altitude of 7,516 ft.

Recommended Gear:

  • Sun Block and Sun glasses
  • Hand wash/soap/sanitizer, wipes, tooth paste and all other necessities
  • Beanie (highly recommended)
  • Muffler (highly recommended)
  • Gloves (highly recommended)
  • Fleece/Sweaters
  • Trekking boots/Joggers/Comfortable Shoes/Slippers
  • Back Pack
  • Thermals (both upper and lower)
  • Socks, preferably woolen (4-6 pairs)
  • Water bottle
  • Waterproof lower and Jacket

CTP Formulates A Plan To Tackle Traffic Congestion In Murree

The snowfall season in the northern parts of Pakistan has started, and so the City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi has formulated a plan to tackle all sorts of traffic congestions faced by the tourists due to rush and blocked roads due to snowfall.

According to the details, City Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi has joined hands with concerned departments, including Town Municipal Authority (TMA), Rescue 1122, National Highway Authority (NHA), and district police to provide a congestion-free and safe atmosphere to the tourists visiting the hill station. It has been snow falling in Murree, Patriata, Ayubia, and its surroundings in the past couple of days, and due to the extension in school holidays in Punjab and KPK.In the winter season Dec-Feb, the tourists are flooding in from all parts of the country to enjoy snowfall. According to a spokesperson of CTP, up to 17,000 vehicles enter Murree on a daily basis, which is certainly too many. There is a serious issue of parking for those traveling to Murree due to a large turnover, and many private parking contractors are also charging heavily on a per hour basis. Moreover, due to heavy snowfall, there have been cases of cars slipping on the roads and causing several accidents.

Before Travelling to Murree we advised the tourists to check some important safety measures as follows:

  • The tourists are advised to only travel on vehicles running on petrol or diesel.
  • CNG vehicles are strictly prohibited to enter the premises of Murree during snowfall conditions as it generates less power while accelerating on a steep climb and turns out dangerous on slippery roads.
  • The tourists must check the condition of their vehicle’s tires and keep a functional spare tire along with.
  • All the visitors must keep sufficient food supplies for each member traveling to the hill station.
  • All the tourists are advised to strictly follow the traffic rules to avoid any traffic congestion and untoward situations.

Safety tips:

The weather is quite harsh in the hilly areas these days, so here we have a few tips for you while driving to hilly areas:

  • Try to avoid unnecessary traveling, particularly during snowfall and after sunset. The water on roads turns into ice, especially after the sunset under the clear sky, which becomes fatal for driving. There have already been certain incidents reported in the last few days, and it’s better to adopt safety precautions than facing trouble for carelessness.
  • For further safety, while driving, it’s advised to reduce air pressure in tires to avoid slipping. Reducing air pressure in tires increases the contact area of the tire with the road hence creating more friction and providing better grip while driving.
  • Keep a functional spare tire and puncture kit to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Avoid overtaking and driving at high speeds.
  • Drive using a low gear and be gentle on brakes in case of slipping.

That’s it from our side for now. Have a safe journey to hilly areas, and enjoy the snowfall. Share your experiences and problems faced in the comments section below and stay tuned for more updates.


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